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Signing up for the CoachingMinute is a two part process.

First you will be registering for access to all the CoachingMinutes, now called the CoachingMinute Archives, and previously called the CoachingEZINE.

The second process will be the “feed” that sends the email announcement of a new CoachingMinute, the same type of service that it’s always been, of the email coming to you.

It’s our goal to provide the best, most meaningful youth sport coach and parent education possible, to the greatest number of people.

And of course, it’s still FREE!

This is where you will signup for the Certified KID Coach program when it becomes available.  Once you login you will have access to the 10 training videos and test.

The Certified KID Coach certification covers a two year period and is it not only the best youth sport certification addressing the top reasons kids dropout, it is also the best value.


30 days of deliberate practice in the art and science of becoming a successful coach.

You’ll be sent videos, articles, materials and questions to consider and teach you everyday, for 30 days, about becoming a better coach.

This is well suited for experienced coaches, as well as rookie coaches.

You can learn 75% of the basics of being a successful coach in about 2 hours, the other 25% will take you the rest of your life.  This program will take you well into the 25% and will inspire you to keep learning and growing.


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