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Kirk Anderson

USTA Director of Coach Training and Development
Gary Avischious has provided many services to the USTA and has made a valuable impact on how we conduct our coach and parent training.


Gary blends his knowledge and experience with play sciences, coaching research, parents and children and we have tapped into this array of expertise by using him to present in seminars and contribute to our manuals on a number of occasions.


He has served on a very important panel of youth sports experts that included Dr. Dan Gould and Dr. Bob Pangrazi. The group met with coaches and leaders from our Player Development and Community Tennis Divisions to offer suggestions, provide direction and refine our materials, coaching philosophy and long term plans to develop tennis players and coaches in this country.


Gary also wrote a very valuable chapter in our introductory skills curriculum about the keys to coaching young players.  It is exceptional material and has been very well received by coaches and parents.  I consider it the most important chapter in our widely used Learn to Rally and Play curriculum.


As a result of our relationship with Gary, he has been invited to speak in seven of our USTA sections, the USTA Community Tennis Development Workshop and the Professional Tennis Registry International Symposium.  He consistently ranks as one of the top presenters and his information is relevant, impactful and entertaining.


Very few people have the ability to change behavior but Gary has made a significant changes and improvements in many of our national trainers and coaches.  Gary is a pleasure to work with and we will continue to use his services in the future.

Mike Carter

USTA Texas, Director of Community Development
In this day when being more than just a good coach can make a huge difference, perhaps even save a life, Gary’s message may be the most important thing you do for your coaching staff and for the parents and kids in your program!

Butch Staples

USTA and PTR Master Pro, 2010 PTR Professional of the Year
As a teacher, coach, parent and grandparent, I have had over 45 years of involvement in youth sport.  In all of these years, I have never experienced any resources as helpful as those provided by Gary Avischious.  Through his presentations, his website and his parent guide (the Passport), Gary has had a tremendous influence on how I view children and their involvement in sport.  I now have a much better understanding of the roles that coaches and parents should play in helping young children on their youth sport journey.  As a parent or coach, if you are concerned about what is best for your children/players, make an effort to learn more about what Gary Avischious has to offer.

Karen Ronney

USTA National RCW and Quickstart Trainer, Author of Proud Parents’ Guide to Raising Athletic, Balanced, and Coordinated Kids: A Lifetime of Benefit in Just 10 Minutes A Day, winner of 34 national and international publishing awards.
A minute can change your life as it has mine! That is, if it’s “The Coaching Minute”, a motivational and educational program by Gary Avischious, who in my opinion is one of the countries leading experts in the field of changing young lives through positive sports parenting and coaching. I’ve known Gary for many years and he has a way of turning a key phrase into something that makes me a better person, parent, coach, educator and leader in my community. He helps me see the world through the eyes of a young athlete, and he shows me ways to coach with humor, insight and pure joy.

Bill Hanzlik

CEO, Gold Crown Foundation, and former NBA player. Gold Crown is the largest middle school basketball league in Colorado.
Gold Crown Foundation places a large emphasis on sportsmanship, positive coaching, and continuing education for parents/coaches.  We are proud to partner with CoachingSchool for many of our programs as we feel that the messages and material are perfectly in line with Gold Crown Foundation’s mission.  CoachingSchool has had a very impressive impact on our programs and is a great addition to any youth sports organization that is focused on a complete and positive youth sports experience.

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