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Learn how to coach kids. There is a different way and we teach it!

Welcome coach!

We are so thankful for what you do!

You are truly one of the most important people in the lives of the kids you coach. And with that comes a great deal of responsibility. You can be one of the best influences on a young athlete and child, or one of the worst.  Our job is to do what we can to help you be one the best.

Research shows that over 70% of kids drop out of youth sports by the age of 13.

The top three reasons are adults, namely coaches and parents.  Our job is to do what we can to lower the dropout rate, improving player retention, and help you become a better coach.

Our concepts are grounded in science and years of research, thoughtfully compiled in a way that works for the development of the child and has results in participation and performance.

It’s not a feel good concept where everyone gets a trophy, but it does focus on meeting the needs of the child.  They are the forgotten reason for the season.


It’s evidence-based decision making.  The EVIDENCE dictates the WHAT and HOW we do it with kids. Many coaches make decisions on what they do with kids, then try to justify it in the name winning or grasp for bits and pieces of supporting performance and early specialization data, which just isn’t there.  Our information is sound and built on the principles of the Long Term Athletic Development model which is the most successful coaching and development model in the world.  Our program is about doing the first steps well, of attention to detail and attention to what works.  Just as in the same way you would want a child to grasp and understand the basics of the sport you coach.

The evidence and data we use is from:

  1. play sciences

  2. coaching science and development

  3. behavior science

  4. psychology of effort and motivation

It’s not sport specific information.  That’s not why kids drop out.  It’s about teaching you how to coach kids better.  And what do we mean by better?  Better performance, lower dropout or higher retention rates, and generally happier and healthier kids that will work hard, know how to overcome, to come from behind and never give up.



We’ve created a few ways to help teach  and inspire you to be a better.


The CoachingMinute is a FREE teaching email that gives you paradigm shifting information about coaching kids.  We know that change doesn’t happen overnight so we provide the CoachingMinute to be a bi-weekly reminder, encourager, or game changer about what’s important in coaching kids. When you’re tired of dealing with kids and their parents, it may just be that thing that gives you a little extra excitement about coaching or a different way of connecting to kids.



If you like the CoachingMinute you’ll love the (CM) Archives.  It’s also free and provides online access to all the previous Minutes.  The articles are categorized by play/performance, learning, general coaching and parents.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran coach or a rookie just starting out this is and invaluable resource to learn how to be a better coach.  If you are a parent/coach this may be the best coaching education program you’ll ever use.  Ideas that are real and can be used in practice tomorrow!



The Certified KID Coach is a new program born out of years of training and education with various youth sport organization.  From the original pilot program to the current program we have evolved into offering one of the finest training and certification programs available.  It is the ONLY program that addresses the top reasons kids dropout.

All materials and online testing and certification will be available in Mid-October.

(MORE) INFORMATION is available on the Certified KID Coach page under the COACHING TRAINING section.


This new program is intended for those that want to devote 30 days of deliberate practice to becoming a better coach.  There will be material presented every day, for 30 days, coaching you through what it takes to be a successful coach.  We will ask for feedback, current practices and ideas on how to move to best practices in order to become better coaches.

This program will be available Mid-November.

(MORE) INFORMATION is available on The POWER of PRACTICE page under the COACHING TRAINING section.


This is a 4.5 hour live training program conducted onsite. It brings together the best and latest play, coaching, development, behavioral science and psychology. It will give your staff a developmental focus increasing member retention, programming quality and individual performance.

Contact CoachingSchool for available dates to plan your training.



The Passports, while intended for parent use, is a great tool for coaches to provide to parents.

This 48 page booklet is a no-holes-barred look at what parents need to do, or not do, to help their kids be successful.  As you know, you can be the best coach ever, and with one “well meaning” comment from a parent on the way home from a competition or practice they can permanently change their child’s view of life and performance, creating a kid that doesn’t want to try and is beginning to check out. Many of the things we do to try and motivate our kids actually has the opposite affect.

This is a must read for any youth sport parent and those working with their kids!

Passports are available for TENNIS immediately, with a BASKETBALL version due out at the beginning of November.

(MORE) INFORMATION is available on the PASSPORT page.

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