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Lesson List

  1. Intro
    1. Need
    2. Overview
    3. Who is a better coach?
  2. Basics
    1. Coach definition
    2. from here to there, and where “there” is
    3. play science principles applied
    4. the goal of practice
    5. opportunities to respond
    6. teach and inspire
  3. Development
    1. understanding development – the what and why of
    2. LTAD – American Development Model
    3. participation-oriented coaching vs performance coaching
  4. Children
    1. the forgotten reason for the sports season
    2. what they need
    3. love of the game
    4. self-motivated desire
  5. Learning
    1. “you haven’t taught until they have learned”
    2. teaching vs just showing
    3. learning success pyramid
    4. shifting the focus of learning – play/games
  6. Effort
    1. psychology of success and failure
    2. effort is the key to success and how to get it
    3. what not to say to kids that discourages it
    4. why kids don’t want to try anymore
  7. Mistakes
    1. call it what it is – part of learning
    2. to be welcomed and expected with kids
    3. how adults deal with it contributes more to long-term success than short-term victories, and conversely to the dropout rate
  8. Communication
    1. Coaching sandwiches as the most effective tool
    2. 12:1 positive to negative
    3. the case for no sarcasm with kids
    4. don’t tell them they’re a natural
  9. Parents
    1. coaches responsible for parents at games/matches
    2. 24 hour rule
    3. miss a game every now and then
    4. shifting parent models from luck, to pride, to creating athletes
    5. no evidence for early specialization success
    6. avoiding burnout
  10. Performance
    1. the goal of most coaches and parents, but it is an outcome of doing steps 1-9 well
    2. how to get the best from kids AND allow for mistakes/learning
    3. coaching and playing in the zone
    4. model effort in practice to obtain higher performance from kids.

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