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Learn how to coach kids. We can help. So can the materials below.


  • Mindset, by Carol Dweck, PhD
  • Developing Talent in Young People, by Benjamin Bloom
  • PLAY, by Dr. Stuart Brown
  • Just Let the Kids Play, by Bob Bigelow
  • You Haven’t Taught, Until They Have Learned, by John Wooden
  • Play as if Your Life Depends On It, by Frank Forencich
  • Change Your Body, Change The World, by Frank Forencich
  • Until It Hurts, by Mark Hyman
  • Game On, by Tom Farrey
  • Who Are You Really, and What Do You Want, by Shad Helmstetter, PhD
  • Motor Learning and Skill Development, by Robert Schmidt
  • Raising Great Kids, by Dr. Henry Cloud and John Townsend
  • Outliers, by Malcom Gladwell
  • Better by Mistake, by Alina Tugend
  • Proud Parent’s Guide, by Karen Ronney


  • Long Term Athletic Development, by Istvan Bayli, PhD
  • Research by Dr. Dan Gould, Michigan State University
  • Research by Dr. Jay Coakley, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs

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