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CoachingSchool provides world class developmental youth sports coaching education and training, using the power of the internet, making it available for the least amount of money, to the greatest number of people.

Everything we do is science based.

It’s not a theory or a new way of working with kids.
It’s fact, combined from a variety of perspectives or disciplines all saying the same thing;
what we have been doing, what is now the status quo in youth sports, ISN’T WORKING.
What we have been doing is not fulfilling for kids,
and increases the dropout rate.
What we have been doing encourages younger and younger
professionalization of youth sports and kids suffer from BURNOUT sooner,
increasing the dropout rate.
And what parents have been doing, hoping to have their
child be the next Tiger Woods (or was that just before his fall?)
also increases the dropout rate and does not create
long term athletes and healthy people.



is challenge the status quo.
What we do is use science and facts on what actually works
in coaching and motivating kids.
It’s not myth-based like most coaches using the
“this is what I’ve always done,” or
“this is what my coach did to me,” kind of thinking.

There are many things that are important in coaching kids.
We look at the things that are MOST IMPORTANT.



with young kids, or better yet,
those working with young kids, coaches and parents.

Change doesn’t happen overnight,
especially change involving a paradigm shift


a consistent message,
over time,
in an easy to digest format,
challenge the status quo,
teach real work solutions,
based on facts,
proven to work,
and develop young athletes
starting with coaches and parents.

Working with kids is like buttoning your shirt.

If you start out wrong, you’re going to end wrong.

No amount of wishing it was different, or even working harder, changes the result.



but we’re NOT here to baby them.


about creating an environment where everyone wins.
about creating an environment where kids aren’t challenged.
about creating an environment where kids aren’t shown and taught the value of effort and hard work.
about forehands or backhands, baseball, football or soccer.
We believe it’s NOT sport specific information that is the problem.


in effort and hard work.
in performance as an outcome, not the goal.
in the power of play.
in learning.
in teaching, not just showing.
in challenging kids.
in using laughter and fun as functional part of practice.


are well intentioned.
(who doesn’t want the best for their child)
but are often misinformed about what works,
what proper development looks like for their child
and what their role should be.

We know parents and coaches need to be on the same page.


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