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The CERTIFIEDKIDCOACH program is a youth sport development coach certification.

It is based on years of study and research working with several different types of youth sport organizations to provide THE BEST (because it’s our kids we’re talking about) AND THE MOST AFFORDABLE option available (because there is a cost and all the others don’t offer enough in the way of real information addressing the top issues in youth sports).

The program consists of 10 lessons, called the CoachingClass, that highlight the important elements of being a developmental youth sport coach.  Sure, you have your soccer, tennis, basketball, baseball, etc…specific information, but that is not what puts your program at risk or typically where your coaches, volunteer or paid, are deficient.  Most coaches lack the skills needed to work with kids properly.  They are well intentioned, just like the child’s parents, but often say or do things with kids that contribute the enormous 70%+ dropout rate.

This program is designed to address the top three reasons kids dropout of youth sports.

The CoachingClass lessons are 7-12 minutes in length and are available in DVD format for live clinic use, or available online, 24/7. We have been to too many “mandatory” clinics where only 60% of the coaches show up.  Our online access to all the training materials provides ALL coaches with access to the valuable training videos.  The short format lessons were created to target specific topics of importance as well as allow viewing of one, two or three of them (time permitting) for live clinics allowing you to customize the clinic based on your audience and time constraints.

The CERTIFIEDKIDCOACH Exam is conducted online so we manage it all for you.  You won’t have to deal with each test/coach, just the exceptions.  Passing grades are suggested at 75%, but can tell us what you want it set at.  The 40 question test is not easy.  It requires real learning and demonstration of competency.  Coaches can take it as many times as needed to pass, with questions randomly selected from a pool and answers resorted, so each test is different.  This insures the best online test experience and control.

The certification covers two years.  We believe that coaches will retain our information longer than just one year because of the way that it is presented.  It also happens to make it less expensive for your organization and/or coaches.  Our program is focused educating and training your coaches, not just providing a revenue source for our organization.

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Certificates are customized with your logo and signature(s) and managed online.
Activity examples in the test are specific to your sport.

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