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This program starts on the 1st of next month. See below for specifics.

There is a lot of talk these days about Malcom Galdwell’s, Outliers book, and Daniel Coyle’s The Talent Code, and the concepts of 10,000 hours and deliberate practice. Sure it may take 10,000 hours, or ten years, to be a top performing athlete, but how long does to take to be a good coach or a “successful” coach?

“I want to start coaching my son, or daughter’s team, and I want to be a good coach right from the start. I wouldn’t, nor would the other parents, put up with me just being average, and certainly not being a “losing coach”, for 10 years!
Heck, I want to win, now!”

Kirk Anderson, United States Tennis Association, Director of Coach Training and Development, says he can teach you 75% of what you need to be successful in coaching in about two hours. The other 25% will take you the rest of your life. We agree!

This program is about taking 30 days, 30 deliberate days, of practicing what it takes to be a better, more successful coach. Each day, for 30 days, we will send you information to read, watch, digest, practice and learn. We’ll start with a plan of development, play, performance, physical literacy, learning types and styles, motivation, effort, and dealing with mistakes and failures to name a few.

It won’t be about WHAT to coach, but more accurately HOW to coach.  Your coaching organization most likely has curriculum to follow for the WHAT to coach, but the HOW to coach is the difficult part.
HOW to get the best from your players,
HOW to keep them engaged, involved and motivated,
HOW to grow your junior program AND develop top level athletes at the same time and
HOW to make sure you, and their parent’s, are doing everything you can to help children develop into the best athletes and people they can be!


It’s for coaches/parents at the Parks and Rec level wanting to get some education on HOW to coach kids.  You may have been a player back in the day, or just got roped into coaching your kid’s team.  The POWER of PRACTICE is perfect for you!

It’s for school coaches that want more information on HOW to coach kids.  Sure, you’ve got all the background from the classroom but HOW does that apply to the athletic field or court?  You’ll appreciate the Learning section and be presented with the latest learning science and HOW to motivate kids and help them perform their best.

It’s for club coaches that need a pathway from beginning kids to high performance coaching.  After all, people are putting their kids in your program because they expect better coaching.  The 30 days of lessons provide an in-depth look at all of the factors that make us good coaches, developmental coaches and successful coaches.  The lessons that are available 24/7 make a great training tool as you can combine these with weekly staff meetings to get the greatest impact.  The included questions are a great way to cement the learning.  You really can’t find a better way to train your staff, more affordably than this!  Staff discounts are available!  And frankly, it’s also about growing your membership and business.  Growth of programs and increase retention rates our outcomes of our coaching.

It’s for high performance coaches looking to get the latest information on performance, learning, motivation and practice tips.  We’ve all had the athlete that is working harder, but not having the success that they, or we, want.  This program will give you the knowledge of HOW to coach kids at every level and HOW to ensure you keep them motivated and firing on all cylinders.  It will also help you work better with their parents and HOW to coach them to be a great sports parent because you know that everything has to working together to have kids perform their very best.

It’s for organizations wanting to provide a full and complete training program not restricted by a clinic time or location.  Real change and learning doesn’t happen in a one hour, or even a four hour coaching clinic, but happens over time.  The online lessons make it possible for coaches to come prepared to meetings to discuss, interact and role play coaching situations instead of dumping information on them hoping they will change HOW they work with kids.  It’s never the WHAT you teach or coach that is a problem for your organization and dealing with angry parents, it’s the HOW your coaches work with kids and parents that will lessen problems your organization has AND build your program by providing world class education whether your goals are participation or performance.  Organization discounts are available and a CoachingSchool certification process can be created specifically for your needs.

Regardless of where you coach, it’ll be a journey you won’t forget and one that will impact your coaching/organization for a lifetime.
And most importantly, the kids you coach will have the best possible coach too!

The next POWER of PRACTICE session will begin on the 1st of each month.
Each lesson is about 30 minutes in length with the video lesson and the extras materials,  and questions to answer.


The Power of Practice is NOT available at this time.

Check back here for future information.

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