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Welcome parents!

We are glad that you came to check out what we do!

We really need your help!

Research shows that over 70% of kids drop out of youth sports by the age of 13.

The top three reasons are adults, namely coaches and parents.  Almost all youth administrators and coaches (volunteer or paid) say that parents are the #1 problem in youth sports.  We would agree.  Our job is to help you become a better sports parent and thereby lower the dropout rate, improving player retention, and increase long-term performance.

We know you love your child!  That’s a given. But we find that many parents don’t have much of an understanding of development and often sacrifice long-term goals and development for short-term goals.  Again, you have the BEST INTENTIONS, but lack a proper understanding of how your child gets “there,” wherever there is.  What looks like a good idea, it may even be the norm of what you think other families are doing, what the “competition” is doing, but sadly, most of the time, falls short of the intended goal.

The number one competitor of your child is not the other kid, or team, in the next club or town, or even state or at nationals. The top competitor, the one that is most likely to take your child out, is BURNOUT!  It’s the culmination of the top reasons mentioned above that drives kids out of youth sports.


“Yeah, but you haven’t seen my kid,” you say.  You’re right.  But I’ve millions of others just like them, and YOU, where you have great intentions, start pushing your child, expecting a little more from them, act on “their behalf”, giving them the needed discipline and drive to get there.  And somewhere along the line, you don’t understand why they’re not making it (well, actually, you do have an opinion on this), why the camp(s) they went to last summer aren’t paying off and why they aren’t having the success you think they should be having.  Sure, it’s “their” dream, all your trying to do is help them, and after all, “they’re just kids and need a little pushing, right?”

Not so much.

The best athletes are self-motivated athletes.

“Well how do you create one of those?” you ask.  You don’t, they develop into one.  YOU can model effort, excellence and hard work in whatever you do.  YOU can create the fertile soil in which your athlete can grow and flourish. And then YOU can step back and watch them, (but not all the time) and say all the right things and in all the right ways, (which is no easy task and requires coaching, the kind we offer to parents) and get out of the way so they can truly perform THEIR best!

Our concepts are grounded in science and years of research, thoughtfully compiled in a way that works for the development of the child and has results in both performance and participation.

It’s not a feel good concept where everyone gets a trophy, but it does focus on meeting the needs of the child.  Kids are the forgotten reason for the season.  Many of the things that we 40+ year olds used to do in our “unorganized” youth sports turns out are actually better for the child.  We are nostalgic to relive memories of days gone by, but many of the things we used to do are much better for development and produce better, long-term athletes.  Our goal is to combine the natural development we used to experience with the latest science to create the most fertile soil in which a young athlete can grow, with the right amount of balanced nutrients and input, to grow into the healthiest, best performing athlete imaginable.

It is possible and we can help you (your athlete) get there!


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