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Welcome coach!

We are glad you made it!  We’re  excited that you made the choice to work on your coaching.  To deliberately practice some new things.

This won’t be about WHAT to coach.

It will be about the HOW to coach, or HOW to be on the court, field, rink, or wherever you coach.

As coaches we so often focus on the kids we coach, on what they need, what they need to learn, their roadblocks, on where they’re short of their goals and how we can help them get there, wherever “there” is for them.  But now it’s your turn.  The focus will now be on you, on what YOU can do, on what you can change to become a better coach.

It won’t be easy.

There will days you won’t want to practice it.  There will be distractions.  Holidays, birthdays, honey-do projects, friends, and all your normal responsibilities.  We understand.  But we also know that there is no time like now.  You signed up for 30 days.  We could pause it, slow it down and it would drag out to 45 or 60 days and then the task would seem even bigger than just 30 days.  So we’ll stick to 30 days, of deliberate practice.  You will have access to all the pages for 35 days in case you get behind near the end.


Every day for the next 30 days you’ll be sent a link to the new page posted.  Some days you will watch a video.  Some days there will be something to read.  But each day there will something for you TO (DO).  There will be suggested applications to get you moving.  And most importantly there will be a TO (DAY) I WILL PRACTICE feedback section.  This will be the place you will provide the feedback of things you are deliberately practicing.  What you have changed, what you are struggling with, or what you want more input on.  Chances are if there is something you’re wanting more dialog about, someone else is in the same spot.  Two-way communication will be important to both of us during this process.  Should we provide more info on a particular topic we will add the links to the pages in the box to the right under ADDITIONAL INFO.

Of course your answers will remain confidential!  However, we may occasionally ask permission to share your feedback with others to facilitate learning and share success stories.

Just like you ask of your athletes, we want YOUR BEST EFFORT and our goal is to help move you from point A to point B.  Our goal is to help you become a better coach!

Look for our email on the 1st of next month!

Gary Avischious

Help me get to know you.

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