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  • Flash Cards


      Sure, they help.  But why?  The results will be different than what you would think and have implications into how we do youth sports.

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  • Development


        The biggest development in coaching this year is DEVELOPMENT. Find out what we mean and how it will impact your coaching.

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  • Love of Formulas


            What would it look like if you changed your goals for practice? What if instead of your lesson plan, you created an atmosphere and modeled an absolute joy or love of what you were doing? What would your practice look like […]

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  • Earaser 200

    The Role of Mistakes


    I just ran across an article yesterday that is very important for coaches.  Teaching is one of the two most important functions of a coach and this article provides some significant insight into the role of mistakes not just in the classroom, but in life […]

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  • 109439302 8

    Kids, Athletes & Blank


    In what I do I receive a great number of coaching newsletters. All of them are well-intentioned. Some of them are really good. However, most of them continue to promote the typical myths of youth sports. And some of them are just crazy talk… Here’s […]

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