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Program highlights

      Address the top reasons kids drop out.
      Be based on the real science of developmental coaching, highlighting three areas.
        1. Coaching sciences from the Long Term Athletic Development and the American Development Model from USA Hockey, as well as others.
        2. Behavioral psychology and sciences from Carol Dweck, PhD, (and others) and her study on effort, failure, motivation and success.
        3. Play science overview with principles applied to youth sports giving adults an understanding of what makes things fun for kids.
      Address parent issues, the number one reason coaches don’t come back.
      Be primarily available and offered online, 24/7.
      Lessons (CoachingClass) will be available in video format and in PDF document format.
      There will be 10 lessons divided into 7-12 minute segments, designed to be viewed one or two at a time, to enhance adult learning and be available as a resource.
      DVD’s will be available so a live clinics can be conducted viewing 1, 2, or 3 lessons, as time allows, for discussion with coaches. This keeps clinics dynamic and customizable to keep coaches interested and on target to completion.
      The test will be 40-45 questions selected from a pool of questions. The test is not easy. It takes real thought to demonstrate learning in answering the paradigm shifting questions. Incorrect answers were written to include “normal” responses so real understanding will be demonstrated in the results.
      Passing grades are adjustable, but 75% is recommended. 7 out of 8 Pilot Program participants when asked to rank the questions, responded that they felt it was important that each question be answered correctly for the sake of the kids in their programs. However, that’s quite a high standard, so 75-80% is more realistic.
      Tests can be re-taken in order to achieve a passing grade. A non-passing grade shows the correct answer to each missed question. Subsequent test(s) questions are randomized as well as answers, so it still becomes a demonstration of learning vs memorization.
      Test takers are emailed their score and certificate upon completion. Admins can be copied on results as well as for record keeping.
      Certificates are for a two year period, as single year certificates programs do not change enough, promote learning and often are bypassed.
      Certificates are customizable and include your logo.
      Tests can be customizable for a fee. (waived for NGB and large organization partners)
      They are fully branded with your information and can linked directly from your site.
      Cost will be $14.95 per coach, (for a two year certificate), with group quantity discounts available. All materials available online. NGB and large organization partnerships are welcome.
      Training DVD’s are targeted for $39.95.
      Our goal is to offer the BEST program , AND be the LEAST EXPENSIVE option.

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