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Learn how to coach kids. There is a different way and we teach it!

Gary Avischious

Founder & Head Coach

Gary Avischious is a writer, speaker and coach.  He is the Founder of, a social business organization that provides youth sports coaching and parent education and training.  CoachingSchool was originally a project of the National Institute for Play where Gary was a Vice President, content provider and student for four years.

While CoachingSchool information crosses all sports, Gary has spent more time in recent years working with tennis clients in the rollout of the QuickStart or 10 and Under tennis programs.  He provides specific science-based insight into coaching kids for the USTA’s Recreational Coaches and Trainer Enrichment Workshops (Train the Trainer) and has also developed curriculum for the USTA’s High Performance group.  Additionally, he has spoken at the Professional Tennis Registry’s International Symposium and the USTA’s Tennis Teachers Conference.

Gary speaks to thousands of coaches and parents each year, from local recreation centers to USOC coaches, utilizing play, coaching and behavioral science and psychology to optimize performance, learning and enjoyment with kids. He writes and produces the CoachingMinute which goes to over 8,000 coaches and parents, in over 60 countries.  He has also written the Tennis Parent Passport, a guide to help your child succeed in tennis, and in life.

Gary has been a recreational coach for eighteen years in Colorado, with an impressive won/loss record (although he was not concerned with winning).  He, and his new wife, have five grown children.

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