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Our most popular program is the CoachingMinute. Maybe it’s the most popular because its FREE or we have been doing it the longest.

Or maybe it’s because we send you an email whenever we post a new one with great insight into coaching kids.

Or maybe it’s because it’s great for new coaches, veteran coaches and/or parents.

Or maybe it’s just that good, with well written info that makes understanding the concepts and applying it for you that much easier.

Whatever the reason, sign up for free.


The Certified KID Coach program has been years in the making. It is perfect for organizations that want to use certified coaches in your programs. Our certification is not only the best information for beginning coaches, it’s all online to make it easier for them, easier for you and while this is our kids we’re talking about so money shouldn’t be a focus, you have a budget you need to work within. We understand that and offer the best info, for the lowest cost and offer a two year certificate!

The Certified KID Coach program is in the development stage.

For more information CLICK (HERE)

This is the most extensive and in-depth training we offer. It’s an online 30 day deliberate practice program to becoming a better coach. To date, most of the participants have been coaches that are wanting to refresh their skills and learn and apply the latest science of coaching. It’s also prefect for new coaches and parent volunteers.

It’s sure to change the way you view coaching!

It’s available now and starts on the 1st of every month.


More and more of our time at CoachingSchool is addressing parent issues and the Passports are a great way to do that. We give parents perspective in helping them navigate their child’s youth sport journey.

It’s our top ten list of things to do and not do to help your child in youth sports, and in life. Some of the things parents naturally do, turn out to be the worst things for their kids.

It’s a must read for parents with kids in youth sports.

It’s available in an All-Sport and Tennis specific version.


Check out the video from an appearance on WGN’s morning show last fall.
Thanks to Midtown Athletic Clubs for setting it up!
It’s just a few of the things we teach at CoachingSchool.


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